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Dancing Through Life

For Barbara Candee, part of an Upper Tier Marketing Team at Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty in Locust Valley, N.Y., success is a direct result of being passionate about what you do. And as an accomplished ice dancer, golfer, teacher and real estate professional, she knows of what she speaks.
As a newly-married woman in her early 20’s, Barbara nurtured a desire to help those less fortunate by being active in local charities, in particular the Glen Cove Boys and Girls Club in Long Island, N.Y. and the North Country Community Association (the county’s oldest charity).There she became friends with a group of women who introduced her to ice dancing.
Unlike figure skating, ice dancing is always performed in couples. So, Barbara recruited her husband to participate. Soon the two enlarged the ice dancing group at a local, private sports club. Today, forty years later, they are still dancing every weekend in the winter and their group has grown to 45 adults with two teachers from Russia instructing them.
“I am a big believer in loving what you do,” says Barbara. “Ice dancing is certainly the most difficult sport I have ever participated in. It takes discipline and months of hard work to learn just one step, and years to get to the stage where you are relaxed with it.”
Though ice dancing has been a longtime passion for Barbara, her first love was for teaching. She began her career at the University of Colorado teaching English literature, speech and composition, where she also learned how to mountain climb. 
After getting married and moving to Long Island, she taught at Long Island University and earned her real estate license to fulfill a long-held love of architecture.
Fate soon intervened, however, in the form of a tennis game. While playing, a friend mentioned that a real estate company led by Patricia Petersen was coming to her local county. Barbara knew Pat and her husband already, thanks to community involvement efforts, and after making contact was offered a job at Daniel Gale Agency in 1983. Barbara stopped teaching to work full-time on selling, marketing, brochures and ads.   
When she is not developing her real estate career or fine-tuning her ice dancing skills, Barbara golfs. She served on the Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association’s (the United States’s largest and oldest women’s golfing organization) board for eight years—two as tournament chairman and two as president.
“I always had a passion for real estate and helping people, and I get to satisfy both of those interests in my current job,” says Barbara. “But I feel that to be truly happy, you have to have a broad range of interests and circles of friends. Ice dancing, golf and charity work have opened up so many opportunities for me and introduced me to so many exceptional people. The more people you know, the richer your life is. And there is no better industry than real estate for a people person.

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